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Moving With Kids – What To Ask Your Realtor!

As a mom I know first-hand what it is like moving with kids. If you are moving across town you may not need to ask a million questions, but if you are relocating to New England for a new job, then you may have a longer list for your real estate agent. House-hunting is stressful on its own, when you add your children to the mix, the stress levels rise. Fortunately, there are ways to make this process less daunting. I have put together a list of questions to consider when house hunting with kids. If you have no clue what to ask or look for, start with these questions, they may get you thinking about other concerns and help narrow down your home search.

What are the local schools like? 

When you are moving with kids, a great school is probably at the top of your list. This information is available online, but a local real estate agent will be able to give you more insight on the schools that the internet can’t tell you. If your budget allows, Rhode Island has a ton of private schools to choose from if the public school is not up to your standards. 

Is crime an issue in the neighborhood? 

Again, this is something you can find online, but if the real estate agent is a local, they may have spent time on the street to know better. I recommend checking out AreaVibes’ ratings, local crime reports and NeighborhoodScout’s crime data to get an idea of the crime rates. If you are able to, ask the neighbors what the crime is like and if they have any concerns.

Are there other families in the neighborhood? 

Are you looking to move to a neighborhood with other families and school-age children? Ask the listing agent about the demographic. My children loved to play with the neighborhood kids growing up. Consider talking to the neighbors or taking a walk down the street to get an idea if there are families around. 

Is there a safe space for kids to play outdoors?

Young children love to play outside, if this is the case for your family, you may want to consider the amount of traffic. Finding a home with a nice backyard could help balance out a busy street. If you are not able to drive by the house, ask your agent what the traffic is like. This may lead you into the other question of “are there playgrounds or parks nearby?” If a backyard is not possible, this might be a priority for your family. Do your kids like to swim? If so a house with a pool or a local country club nearby might fit those needs. 

Is there room for a  playroom?

If having a separate space for your kids to play is a top priority then consider a home with a bonus room, family room, or basement. You want a space big enough for toys and books and a play area. Fortunately, you may be able to see whether or not the home has a TV room or den from the listing photos and description. If not, ask the Realtor. 

Does the layout of your home fit your family’s needs?

Most parents like their room to be on the same floor as their kids’s rooms. Steep stairs can be a concern for parents with small children. If so, adding baby gates will help avoid injuries. Will the kids share a bedroom and/or bathroom? Do you need an open floor plan with clear sightlines from the kitchen to the playroom? Carefully consider what kind of floor plan and layout you need with kids before you begin the house hunting journey.

Moving with kids dies nor have to be difficult. Hopefully these questions sparked conversation with your family on what is most important to you in a home. Write down your needs so that you can make the most out of your house hunting. Make sure to have a conversation with your realtor to let them know you are moving with children and that they are your number one priority. An experienced realtor will help you navigate this process with your kids in mind. Contact me today if you are ready to move to Rhode Island with your little ones!